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Have you ever thought why:

  • You work so hard and are still not getting the results you want?
  • Your energy level during the day drops too soon?
  • You have physical complaints of which you don’t really know why you have them?

Have you ever felt like all is just a bit too much for you and don’t know how you will handle all?

All of these severely affect your productivity, your capacity to give your best and in the long run achieve your personal and professional goals:

How a stress situation in one profession is perceived as a no- stress situation in other profession.
How stress affects employees in different positions and professions and how it effects the productivity
How to make a balance to maximize your productivity.


Drs. Nupur Kohli's Talk on Productivity and Stress Management at TEDx, Nyenrode Business University 2016 and Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, 2017 in the Netherlands

Productivity & Stress management

Drs. Nupur Kohli

How to survive stress & improve professional productivity: Keynote speech at Adidas Reebok Amsterdam

Stress raakt je! (Stress affects you! speech in Dutch) at Hilversum, The Netherlands - YouTube link

Drs. Nupur Kohli Keynote on The Power of Stress, in Amsterdam, at the TOPFEM event January 2018, The Netherlands

Keynote Speech - Stress among Healthcare professionals in the Netherlands - Addressing medical professionals in the Netherlands - Organized by: Dutch Association for Infant Mental Health, 6 October 2017, Groot Kievitsdal Baarn, The Netherlands

For anybody working for a big or small company or self-employed learn and develop the skills to survive and manage stress. How to get your body and mind in shape? Have the right tools to maximize your personal and professional productivity. How can you set your goals and achieve success rather than giving up in between, or feel incapable of or keep on delaying as other priorities come in. Important factors are work overload stress, not being able to come out of the situation, fear of the complexity of problems and much more. It is also essential to know what stress is, recognize stress in yourself and others and use your work environment in an optimal way to find the best solutions. All of these subjects will be covered in this inspiring lecture by Dr. Nupur Kohli.

Nupur gave talks on stress and productivity in renowned organizations and Academic institutions world-wide giving an extensive overview of the problems and suggesting solutions.

It is important to note that for many the stress phenomenon start coming from student days itself. Studies have suggested that modern day student (at school level and beyond) in today’s 24/7 information age is highly stressed. Many have no clue what is going on and need attention and advice on how to handle stress manage in this information age. I have separate lectures on issues related to students and also on handheld devices, social media and health - ​problems & solutions.

Most inspiring and engaging for any organization, institution, foundation who believe stress is a  issue that need to be discussed and managed, essential for professional and personal success, productivity, job satisfaction, research and student activity.

Drs. Nupur Kohli Keynote on Healthy Ambitions: Career Building & Balancing Stress, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands at the Next Women Summit 2017, organized by Elsevier Media Group, The Netherlands