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Upcoming Keynote on Inspiring Next Generation of Women Leaders at EDHEC Business School Lille France

Only 3% of pilots are women. That needs to change, says the easyJet CEO. It reflects the fact that it’s a profession dominated by men. Fifty years ago almost all professions were like that but since then there has been significant progress with women entering and attaining senior positions in professions like law, medicine, education, finance and politics. However more women need to be on the management boards and middle and senior leadership positions in a meritocracy. Women in leadership positions need to inspire other women. An inspiring speech to educate and uncover the opportunities and challenges facing young professional women aiming to be the next generation women leaders. 

HONORS & AWARDS: Drs. Nupur Kohli won the most inspiring women of the Netherlands Award twice(2016 Dutch Award, 2017 European Award) and was honored by the minister of science and education of the Netherlands. She also Young women achievers award 2017 from Delhi Study Group.

IN THE MEDIA: She is featured on this subject in Dutch and Indian media.

On this International Women’s Day 2018 gave an inspiring talk to the exceptional women of Bombardier, the leading Aerospace and Railway company of the world. Also discussed women issues in the corporate world and how women make big decisions. 

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​​Drs. Nupur Kohli

Inspiring Next Generation of Women Leaders