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Drs. Nupur Kohli’s award winning motivational speech at TEDx Delft, The Netherlands

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​​​Drs. Nupur Kohli

Drs. Nupur Kohli’s talk on Positivity at PechaKucha Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

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If you never do what you intend to do or do partially before leaving or jumping on to another or just could not deliver your best, you may well have a problem with motivation. When you have motivation, you are driven and more determined to create the life that you want to live.

Many people suffer from lack of motivation and positivity but that does not mean that you should accept living that way. It is true that not everything in life is easy but if you know  that  you are prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve your goal, regardless of what challenge that poses than you can make your goal easier to achieve. The desire to change is one of the most important factors in goal setting. Are you willing to accept change and maintain it? How will you benefit from accomplishing your goal? Are you ambitious enough? Do you believe that you’re capable of accomplishing your aspirations and goals? What is  importance of motivation? Do you have the motivation and positivity to accomplish your aspirations and goals? Why you need motivation and positivity? What steps you can take from Identifying your goals to achieving the desired results? In an inspiring lecture

Dr. Kohli will discuss all this and much more. Dr. Kohli is herself an inspiration for many and is awarded the Most Inspiring Woman of the Netherlands, the VIVA 400, Award 2016.


Motivation and positivity