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Nupur Kohli Honored for leading Gender Equality in the Netherlands by Minister of Science and Education of the Netherlands, ​
​Drs. Ingrid van Engelshoven

Nupur as founder of a youth association organized a seminar on prevailing image of women and incidences  of exploitation  in the Netherlands and how to prevent this.

Nupur speaking at The Next Women Summit on Healthy Ambition at  Amsterdam  - 

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Nupur speaking on Women Empowerment on International Women's Day in The Hage in The Netherlands - YouTube link

 Honored by the Minister of Science and Education of the Netherlands

for Leading  Gender Equality

Stress raakt je! (Stress affects you! speech in Dutch) at Hilversum, The Netherlands - YouTube link

​​Drs. Nupur Kohli has always been promoting Gender Equality and Women Empowerment in the Netherlands and the world. As a young girl still in her twenties,

  • She has created an example with her hard work and determination that has been acknowledged by people and institutions across the globe. ​

  • For her diversity, research, innovation and taking Dutch speaking talent across the Globe, Nupur has been a source of inspiration for women in the Netherlands winning Most Inspiring Woman of the Netherlands Award in 2016 and One of the Most Inspiring Women in Technology in the Netherlands 2017 from the Inspiring 50 Europe.​​

  • She is the Author of the book Chill!: how to survive stress and improve personal & professional  productivity Symptoms & Solutions to Chronic Pressure where she discusses at length on stress the current generation of women face within and outside the house, in social life, at work, the social media, using technology etc.. She suggests solutions how to go about different situations in life to not only reduce stress but be more productive and how to make stress their strength instead of weakness. 

  • As a Community Pediatrician she is devoted to create strong and healthy families. The well-being of mother and child is an important element of that. As a public health doctor she also contributes to campaigns for young mothers.

  • ​Nupur worked as healthcare advisor for the Dutch Healthcare System to make it more efficient and better healthcare for all. She also look forward to efficient and better healthcare for women world-wide and raised this in many of her speeches.

  • ​She organized  a Workshop in 2016 on Healthcare - Rural Women: Role Models, Achievements and Challenges. She also wrote articles on this.

  • ​Nupur is very active in International media. Through her regular interviews in TV, Radio, Newspapers and magazines she contributes to a healthy and productive society. 

  • Nupur received regular attention of political leaders and corporate CEO's for her contribution in various fields.​​​ Through this she has been bringing the focus on Gender Equality. 

  • She gave more than 80 talks world-wide, many of them related to empowerment of women, emancipation, role of women in society, reducing stress and improving productivity, future of Healthcare, positivity and women and ambition.

See YouTube links of some of her talks below.​

Why the world needs positivity now, Eindhoven The Netherlands - YouTube link

Rutgers Netherlands - Nupur Kohli's views on Gender Equality in the Netherlands for Rutgers knowledge Center, the Netherlands: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1W1U3ZVLtbo&t=4s