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Mobile devices, social media and health - ​problems & solutions ​

​​Drs. Nupur Kohli

It is hard to imagine a world without smart phones and social media platform giants like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

The benefit is the mobile connectivity for personal and business use, instant messaging, news updates,  increased opportunities to build new relationships and maintain established ones etc.. Yet, it’s surprising to learn that studies into its long-lasting health, both physical and mental, are sparse and contradictory.  The short term and long term issues may relate to:  too much “screen time”, RSI related pain, unhealthy behaviors,  poor sleep patterns,  substance abuse, depression and many more. In smartphone and social media addiction these issues may take more serious form.

Technology is ever-present in our lives, and will continue to be that way. It’s adaptive for us to learn to operate this technology, and engage in social media. But we need to strike a healthy balance between “real world activities,” and the “virtual world” around us.

In this inspiring lecture Dr. Kohli will cover all these and outline in detail health issues related to mobile devices and social media platforms and how it effects to different sections of society. She will explain to you the risk factors, short term and long term effects, generational differences, physical factors, impulse controls etcc. She will also guide you on taking preemptive measures, suggesting guidelines, give you examples of solutions adapted and a multidimensional approach that involve all aspects of the problems related to mobile devices, information flooding and social media.

Dr. Kohli has given several lectures on this issue and in each lecture she has been approached by many participant with serious problems, looking for solutions.