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career events are key sources of stress. Think of a bad day with the boss, periodic evaluation, reorganization, treat of losing the job,  layoffs, complexity of work, growth and promotion issue, conflict at work, home and office balance etc. etc...

There are considerable human and organizational costs associated with job stress, including depression and burnout, ulcers, low job satisfaction, absenteeism and turnover, decreased productivity, lawsuits and healthcare costs. Job stress as a management problem continues to capture major attention.

Over time job stress aggregates to career stress. Jobs are building blocks of careers. therefore, over time, stressful job experiences aggregate to yield stressful careers

In this inspiring lecture Dr. Kohli will discuss Stress in a career context. She will discuss how individuals face stress around issues that are a direct outgrowth of how careers unfold over time and across life domains, what stress is, recognizing stress in yourself and others and use your environment in an optimal way to find the best solutions. 

Career building & balancing stress ​


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